Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

House Party’s Pre-Party!


COP: arm circles, cherry pickers, DQs, side-Straddle hops, mt climbers, WWIIs, and Merkins.  

The Thang: 

Burpee Back Mountain – partnered up for a Dora.  100 burpees.  Timer ran up and down amphitheater steps.  As soon as we all got through this one, Winehouse showed up looking fresh as a daisy.  

Triple Check at Penny Stage w/ coupons – Timer did murder bunnies, P2 did curls and P3 did presses.  Lots of mumble chatter here about Spanx, back doors and how murder bunnies suck.  

Rusty Cage – Triple Check. Timer did 10 Ball dippers, P2 did pull ups and P3 did dips.  We couldn’t decide if the exercise I gave an example of was a Lt. Dan or a Ball dipper.  But the timer was definitely on one leg a lot and many balls were dipped.  At this point 5 pax headed over to Rock ‘n’ Roll to support House Party’s VQ.  

The remaining 4 Pax Moseyed over to the base of Love Hill and partnered up.  Timer ran 1/2-way up Love Hill and back.  P2 was to Karaoke, then lunge, then polar bear, then broad jump burpee.  This experiment with the Karaoke was a failure, as it was the only exercise engaged in.  For the 2nd 1/2 of the hill the Karaoke was nixed.  

BTTF for COT.  Numbers.  Names.  


Vinny is getting together a 49 and under team for BRR on 9/9/22.  Come on out young guns, b/c this year’s older bunch is an intimidating squad.  Let Vinny know if you’re interested.  If over 50, get with TYA.  

Check out GP’s weekly zoom (Mondays at 7pm) regarding leadership.  The discussions have been very stimulating.  

YHC has taken DTH’s challenge to read Freed to Lead in a week.  I’m a week in and about 1/2 way there.  When I’m done (God willing in about another week) if anyone wants to borrow my copy and take the challenge, just lemme know.  My knowledge of F3 has deepened immensely in a short time.  There is so much room for growth in F3.  

Lab Rat has finished his treatment, is on the mend and was recently spotted gettin’ after it.  

Prayer requests for Lab Rat and Hitch’s M’s ride.  

YHC took us out in prayer, seeking daily guidance from the Sky Q in all things, large and small.  


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  1. Great work gents. You all ate up 100 Burpees like it was nuthin’ and asked for more. Hitch, i’m very impressed with your desire to read F2L despite your notorious run in w/ the author. Hutton, thank you for giving me a history of F3 in RVA. I learned a lot from coffeteria today. And House Party, I hope your VQ Rocked – I can’t wait to read all about it. Oh, and check out the article on the F3 Nation’s website (news section) about Seoul’s new AO. It’s fascinating. Be well brothers!