Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SOJ Takeover: Slogging Spider Miles


Thirteen men posted for a humid run during the infamous SOJ takeover week. Details:

Everyone: bat cave, across bridge, head east.

4 miles – take trail entrance to Huguenot Flatwater Park, loop back under bridge and out the parking area on Riverside. Take the bridge and bat cave back to the point of beginning.

5 miles – continue downriver to Shirley, stop and return to trail entrance, take trail and then back to point of beginning.

6 miles – continue downriver past Rock Falls Rd around bend to mansion overlooking lake. Return to trail entrance, take trail and return to point of beginning.

Good run this morning, very sticky. Forgot to ask how the 6 mile route fared, if anyone wishes to comment below. Thanks to Rosie and Gumbo for showing some true SOJ support. Yes Hitch, one can be both SOJ and City of Richmond, but YHC understands most northsiders don’t spend their time worrying about trivial matters south of the James.

Prayers and healing to Splinters ‘step-aunt’, as corrected, families of the women who passed Memorial Day in the James, Saab and Mr. Rat.



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  1. 10am and still a little damp over here. 6 miles was a little short, but no complaints. Stopping at the dam, we were a little over 5.5.

    Good to see regulars, true SOJers, some soon to be former SOJers, and a few hybrids out there.

  2. Awesome Singer! Yes HITCH, annex or not, I consider SOJ to literally mean “South of the James” …that, and I’m awfully fond of guys wearing jorts…