Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I Won’t Take It Personally


Four, that’s right 4, of the highest scholars briefly complained about the cost of used cars before we realized it was 5:00am. Mosey to the northeast corner of the back parking lot for:


  • 20x Invisible jump ropes
  • 10x Helicopters
  • 15x Imperial Walkers
  • 10x Shoulder Taps
  • 10x Mountain Climbers
  • 20x LBCs
  • 10x American Hammers

The Thang

Continue our mosey northward to a left on University. About halfway down University there were a few grunts and groans but general displeasure was withheld until we reached the bottom of University for 11s. Merkins & jump squats at the bottom and top of the hill. Bro code every two sets to make sure we left no one behind.

Short mosey down Ralston stopping at Kingsbury for Splinter’s Triangle of Terror. Form a triangle at each point of the intersection. The 4th person bear crawls from station 1 to station 2 and that person continues the bear crawl to the next station. We went counter clockwise. Stations were burpees, squats, WWIIs. We did 3 complete rounds.

Catch me if you can up Kingsbury to Gaymont. 5 merkins then catch your partner who is bernieing up the hill.

South on Gaymont, stopping at the toothbrush swing for a final round of 11s. HRMs & WWIIs.

BTTVSF where we did flutters and finished with Last Call leading shavasana.

Numbers, names, various announcements, and YHC took us out.


There must have been some sort of convergence somewhere else that YHC didn’t know about as all but YHC + 3 of the regulars (and no visitors) were ready to launch at 0500. Excluding takeover week and ad-hoc broga sessions, this was the smallest First Watch since October. Clearly wasn’t because YHC was on the Q sheet.

We witnessed a cat fight (not the good kind) as we were traversing back on Gaymont. Discussion ensued as to whether or not a owl could attack a cat or not.

Until next time.



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  1. Dearest Splinter, my deepest regrets for missing your Q. I wish I could say I was hung up on early morning Toothbrushing, but alas I wasn’t. Until next time…