Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Comin’ in Hot!


Nine wistful gentlemen emerged from the mist and assembled as early rays brightened the Tuckahoe shire. Polite conversation explored social norms of abrupt Q leadership transitions. Topics probed included timing of communication, channels, appropriate excuse disclosure, and how the situation presents an opportunity for the group to step up. The group settled on a hot potato approach with Handshake taking the first rotation promptly at 5:30am.

As the group – perfectly proportioned for triple checks – moseyed toward Lindsay they sensed a disturbance. Suddenly, out of the gloom emerged a raging machine guided seemingly by a man possessed. The nine kindly gentlemen scattered to and fro, somehow avoiding the devil’s chariot. Like a bat out of hell, the craft skimmed the earth as the driver ejected, smoothly tucking and rolling before the beast came to a full stop. Welcome Bodos, #10.

Handshake, nonplussed but still in command, doubled back to sound the all clear, collected the men, and willed peace back to the shire. While recalculating triple check numbers, he guided the group to the Brigadoon-like pocket park on West Drive Circle to begin the quest. According to the Tuckahoan dog walker, the following may have happened:

COP in the circle: SSH; DonQ’s; Imperial Walkers; Ukrainian Soldiers; Hand-release Merkins

Triple Check: P1: Squats; P2: WWII’s; P3: Run around Brigadoon. Switch.

Mosey back to the Tuckahoe blacktop

Handoff to Whitesnake who led a round of 7’s: Merkins; Bearcrawl; Burpees

Handoff to YHC for Ab-solution:
50 flutters
10 Share-The-Love incline sit-ups
Ab Recovery: 40-yard dash of Bearcrawls & Crabwalks
Dirty dozen: Flutters & LBC’s

Mosey to the wooden tree for 60-second sprint-in-place cooldown

Numerama, Namerama, Faceplant took us out.

Let’s keep our brothers in our thoughts and prayers, particularly Lab Rat and Saab+family.


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  1. Seems like FICO may be catching up on his Harry Potter reading. Shire? Brigadoon? Maybe more like a BA in Old English.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for anyone under 85 to use the word “brigadoon” in Virginia.

    Thank you for picking up for me this morning. Much appreciated. Results…2 tests say I don’t have COVID, but my body says I have something. Scientific method works slowly around here.

  3. @splinter – Olde English would have me speaking in tongues. A Colt 45 fueled this diatribe – smooth, like Billy Dee!

  4. Man I had no idea I caused so much disruption this morning until I read this loquacious backblast. Well done Fico and sorry for messing up the Triple Check!

  5. Get better Upchuck.

    In this new world of each pundit originating a medical opinion and subsequently broadcasting said opinion whether asked or not, it might just be possible that aliments other than Covid continue to exist. Furthermore, despite our communal desired condition to the contrary, aliments will continue to evolve at a such a pace that we resolve to cease seeking a distinct appellation for each.

    Elated to realize an opportunity for vocabulary augmentation and conditioning. Bravo Fico!

    Gitty up!