Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That Move is Not Legal


One PAX again for a Wednesday run at The Clinic. Temps were 70 and sunny; conditions were 85 and fully saturated. According to the dude going left at the intersection, who then stopped, reversed backwards through the intersection, and then turned right, the following directions were given and then followed:

Exit hotel along the east loop (past DHL), cross Peters, right through YHC’s office complex, left at 78th, another left on 78th (yeah, deal with it or show up on-site and you can see for yourself), and left on Federated to Broward. Reverso BTTVSF.

Number, name, YHC took himself out.


Soccer at 10:30 Saturday plus relatives in town = likely no UPC for The Bridge.

Bunch of guys on sick / DL. Let’s remember to invite them to 2nd F…lunch, HDHH, etc.

Breaking Bread: We need Q’s to announce the open dates for this summer. We need one family for June 26, one for August 27, and one for August 28. Why not you? Sign up now!


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