Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Circles, squares and triangles – pick a shape


16 Beach Body on Demand models made their way to No Toll for a Doozy Q.

Mosey to the 1st field a circle up in the middle

DQ’s, Helicopters, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, Groiners, LBC’s

Mosey to the corner this is where the more educated of the PAX started weighing in on weather the field was a square or a rectangle an what level of Geometry YHC might have made it to. Circle, square or triangle YHC does not care what you want to call it we are using the 90 degree pointy things AKA corners that total 4.

10 – WWII, 20 – American Hammers, 30 – Scrunchy Frogs, 40 – Knee Slides

Mosey to far left field

10 – Hand Release Merkins, 20 – Wide Grip Merkins, 30 – Single count Shoulder Taps, 40 – Arm Circles (forward and Backward)

Mosey to right side field

10 – Copperhead Squats, 20 – 2 count Ball Dippers, 30 – Jump Squats, 40 – SSH

Mosey to the parking lot

Your Choice 4 corners but corner number 1 has to start with Burpees, Corner 2 – 20 Arms, Corner 3 – 30 Abs, Corner 4 – 40 Legs

Mosey to the playground, pay toll as you cross the bridge 20 Dips, 20 Derkins

At the playground the plan was to bear crawl around the circle track while last person in line pushes the play car to the front, as last PAX passes the car he pushes it to the front again team 1 seamed to have understood the instructions and where doing well but team 2 which included YHC failed at the first runner and rather than try to explain it again YHC decided to Audible and head towards the basketball courts. Seeing a trail that YHC has never noticed before we decided to see where it went. Sure enough it lead to the Tennis courts. This too makes a nice spot for a 4 corners.

10 – Scrunchy Frogs, 20 – Merkins, 30 – Jump Squats and 40 – LBC’s

BTTF Numbers / Names DTH took us out


YHC loves seeing the number of PAX at AO’s grow. No Toll has always been a bigger AO but now we are starting to see the numbers get back up in to the Pre Pandemic area. There are still a couple AO’s on the south side that YHC would like to see grow back into their former glory, River Run and Twin Team could use a boost if your looking to add a day to your routine. Satan’s Hill is going strong, Timberwolf and The Forge are fairly consistent with good numbers and SOT is a great Humpday beatdown. Get out and get after it.


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