Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You Can Bet on F3


YHC posted in Black Rock, NC this morning, despite the low prior probability of a beatdown. Recon revealed that the AO was not listed on the Q sheet, the last backblast was in 2018, the last tweet was in 2021, and could not determine if there was anything different planned for Memorial Day. At 05:29:30, YHC started to put the manvan in reverse to head back to the fartsack when a car pulled in – was it a PAX member? The car was covered in stickers but no F3 sticker. It was a PAX member, 2 weeks new to F3, didn’t know any exercises, but knew where the coupons were. YHC was ready to take the Q but then the Q pulled in hot, who then led a solid beatdown featuring many of Montreat’s superb facilities.

Crayola sends his regards to Rosco, who YHC met last time posting in Asheville. Crayola also knows YHC’s second cousin. It turns out that if you post in the mountains and you are related to one person, you really are related to everyone. Over the years, YHC has come to appreciate the connection that F3 provides. We don’t always need it, but it is there for us if we move or are traveling. Posting downrange also enhances YHC’s appreciation of F3 RVA. YHC was sorry to miss the all-star lineup at the convergence but was at the Virginia War Memorial in spirit.

Back home now, YHC tried to remember all the non F3 RVA AOs visited, all featuring excellent hosts and fine men of F3. You can count on them to be there for you.

  • F3 Alpha (East Cobb, Roswell, Alpharetta, GA): Galaxy, Hogwallow, Rubicon, The Wreck
  • F3 Asheville (Asheville, Black Rock, NC): Basecamp, Grey Eagle
  • F3 Atlanta (Atlanta, GA): Hot Tin Roof
  • F3 The Capital (Arlington, VA): The Patriot
  • F3 Carpex (Cary, Apex, NC): A-Team, Danger Zone, Phoenix
  • F3 Chicago (Chicago, IL): CoJack
  • F3 Churham (Chapel Hill, NC): Bastille, The Goat, Ramses
  • F3 GrandStrand (N Myrtle Beach, SC): Timeshare
  • F3 Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, VA): StankHill
  • F3 HOU (Houston, TX): The Hogg
  • F3 JAX (Jacksonville, FL): The Stampede
  • F3 MeCa (Charlotte, NC): B.O.M.B.
  • F3 Nashville (Nashville, TN): Titan
  • F3 NOLA (New Orleans, LA): Bohica, The Uptowner
  • F3 Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ): Piestawa Trail Run
  • F3 Puget Sound (Seattle, WA): MOHAI, VHS


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  1. This is super motivating. I think it’s great that you took a chance even though it seemed like a gamble. Cheers to you.