Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

10 slices of Coping Cake


A couple of days ago my wife was taking pictures for a woman who developed a cake recipe inspired by the grief she felt when she lost her infant son. Cashew cardamom coping cake. Then yesterday I was getting one of my own 2.0s ready for school and we talked about some of the things that happened in Texas; it was heavy. I gave him a huge hug before he got on the bus and I went inside and had a giant piece of the coping cake. A few minutes later my wife got a call from a dear friend in Sweden in the late stages of brain cancer. She said how happy she was to live every moment of this life. Afterwards I went back to the kitchen and had to get a second helping of cake.

We all process our different kinds of grief in different ways. But the most clear to me this morning was that in times of tragedy (especially in times of tragedy) the fellowship we felt out there in the rain and the gloom and in the COT… that is own special recipe. A way through and forward. That’s the kind of energy we respond with, for each other and for our communities. Bad things happen but we have the 3 Fs. For that, I’m grateful. /end speech

It went like this:

Mosey down and around to the lower entrance. Warmups were SSHs, DxQs, imperial squat walkers, mirkins, LBCs plus a few other things.

Dora: timer runs up the stairs, 5 burpees, then back down the grass. 100 WW2s, 200 dips, 300 jump squats. Ended with some slow breathing exercises.

Mosey up the stairs to the wall for the Pigskin special: 10 people’s chair arm raises, 10 BttW toe taps, 15 donkey kicks OYO. Then 10 people’s chair milkers, 10 BttW Australian mountain climbers, 15 donkey kicks OYO. Then 10 people’s chair Lalannes, 10 BttW hip slaps, 15 donkey kicks OYO.

Mosey to the amphitheater for a quick little triple check: timer goes up the big steps and around, hold elbow planks, SSHs.

Mosey back to the flag for the COT and announcements.

Shout out to Janeway and Comrade for passing through from the wilds of North Georgia. Great to you have you guys out and best of luck to Comrade on his college tour.



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