Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We found Jessica’s ID


The typical troop of Wdoggers were bright eyed and bushy tailed for a YHC adventure Q. We started with some good stretching because stretching is key to staying limber and loose. Rookie Q mistake, YHC looked down at the wrist to see what time it was on the drive in and sure enough no watch to be found. So phone in pocket it was and thankfully no phone was lost, but an ID for Jessica was found, born in 1981 and lives in Richmond, so if you know her tell her we have her ID. After stretching…

Mosey on over to Love Hill. YHC was in Hotlanta last week and learned a new Exicon, there was no name but YHC thinks Atlanta works. It went like this each round consists of starting at the bottom of the hill and running to a middle point on the hill and doing a different exercise, then run back down and do 10 SSH, then run up to the top of the hill and do 10 more SSH, then run back down to the bottom and do squats until the 6 arrives, once 6 arrives all PAX does 10 squats together. For the next several rounds repeato with the middle hill stop exercise cycling through, one round with 5 merkins, one round with 10 monkey humpers and another round with plank jacks. After that fun, mosey on over to the coupon storage area.

Everyone picks up one coupon, and headed over to the amphitheater where Jessica’s ID was found. So the next exercise we will just call Jessica. Starting at the bottom of the amphitheater, do one block burpee for each step, and continue on up, with one block burpee each. From the top head back down with one block merkin. Then we returned the coupons to their home.

Somewhere in all that working out we lost Hitchhiker, which we incorrectly assumed was tied to his sciatic nerve, but it was quite the opposite, Hitch needed the PortoJohn which he thankfully found nearby. There was a collective sigh of relief when Hitch returned and was not injured but just needed to see a man about a horse.

Next up head to the sunken field with Aerobe in tow. YHC tried this one earlier in the year when it was a bit darker. It didn’t go that well and Bodos chucked it into the woods but it was later found. For this time it was much lighter out. So the way it works. the exercise is timed, and mission is to get the Aerobe down and back on the field within 5 minutes, but you cannot throw it to the person who just tossed it to you and every time it touches the ground the PAX does 5 burpees. Off we went. Lots of dropping, we probably did about 30 burpees when all was said and done but we made it to the finish line with seconds to spare, the catch was if we didn’t make it back before the 5 minute time mark then it was 20 burpees for all.

After that it was a mosey on back to the flag for some more light stretching.

Numbers, names, announcements, and prayers.

YHC was in need of this, this morning, YHC was in a somber mood due to the recent tragic events, and YHC saw the Q sheet was open and knew that this is something that will be able to lift spirits. As a dad to young children the recent events hit harder, so hug your kids. YHC was happy to see these faces this morning and it was comforting. YHC took us out and took great comfort in Bodos sharing some thoughtful words. Thanks for supporting me everyone.


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