Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Messed Up Math


Ten of RVA’s finest convened in a dark parking lot to start the week out strong. Here’s what transpired:

COP: Mosey to back lot at Third Church office building. Deadman hang // Helicopters // DQs // Imperial Walkers // Ukranian Soldiers // 1 legged APDs // LBCs // Hand release Merkinss // Inverted Crabcakes // Elbow Plank to Pickle Pounders // SSHs

Elevens: Bear crawl to other side of the lot, 10 Merkins, Jog back to where you started, 1 Squat. 9 then 2, 8 then 3, and so on.

Triple Check: Mosey up to the middle Third lot and each triad grabs a coupon. Round of 3s: Squat Thrusters // WW2s // Run the circle. Round of 2s: Kettle Bell swings // American Hammers // Run the circle. Round of 1: Block Burpees // WW2s // Sprint the circle.

Grab a partner and a coupon. Round 1: Each partner 30 Curls while other other partner APDs. Round 2: 30 Shoulder Presses // Copperhead squats. Round 3: 30 Bench Press // SSHs. Round 4: 30 Body Rows // High Knees. Mosey to back lot of Third Church

Suicide + Burpees. Sprint to the end of the lot, 1 Burpee, rest 5 seconds. Sprint to other end, 2 Burpees, rest 5 seconds. Repeat until the Q says stop. Mosey back to the flag.

NMS: Great to have slightly cooler temps and a light breeze. Math was a bit messed up today – thought we had 9 guys for triple check but had one extra, then thought we needed 6 coupons for partner work but only needed 5. Arithmetic is not YHC’s strong subject.


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