Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

May-Day, May-Day…Man Down


13 men met this morning at Grid Iron, pre summer heat. Some may have wished they stayed home?

After a brief warm up we headed to the fields for some cardio with “Thunder-Burpee”…burpees for every time ACDC’s Thunderstruck said “Thunder”. Unfortunately after one burpee we lost Polly.

Then it was time for core. After sets of 20 of Freddy Mercury’s, Mercury Freddy’s, Crunchy Frog we Bear Crawled our way for another set of 20 of Reverse Crunches, Heals to Heaven, and WWII’s with a twist…and then Bear Crawled for another set of 20 V-Up Roll Ups…followed by Bear Crawl and 20 Side Crunches and Ukrainian Hammers. Gomer injured his shoulder but fought on. Finished core with some 7’s of Get-Ups and Merkins. Lost PigSkin to some unknown injury (get better, my friend).

Time for shoulders with Jacob’s Ladder of Carolina Dry Docks and Air Presses. Then time for legs with a Triple-Check of Squats, Lunges, and Runs. Had to work arms so we did 7’s of Pull Ups and Dips.

Finally ended with a Ring of Fire. It was a good morning with these fine men…and then we got to meet up with our fallen brother, Pinto, for coffee!


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