Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Q Needs to Get…


10, well, then 11, came, saw, and conquered today’s latest edition of The Dogpile. Conditions were 70 and sunny. According to the dude who popped out of a Big Blue pickup, the following most definitely likely happened:

Mosey to the Ha’ Penny Stage for the COP:

SSH – 30
LBCs – 20
Don Quixote, Wilson-style – 10 (good Heavens: that takes forever)
Dead Man Hang
Right over left
Left over right
Flutter kicks
Hand-Release Merkins

Mosey to grab a block.

Partner up. 3 rounds of Partner 1 does Murder Bunnies to the lamppost and Partner 2 does chest presses with the block.

Circle up for some stretching. Arm circles, in cadence. Small, big, backward. Get ready to use those arms.

Mosey to the Valley of Ill Repute. Deconstructed block burpees. 1 merkin at the top of the hill. One overhead press in the Valley. One block burpee at the top of the other hill. Continue progression from 1-5. OYO. At some point, Mr. Rogers appears, sees what the PAX are doing, attempts to run away, and then gives in, grabs a block, and makes an impact. Good to have you, sir.

Assemble on Love Hill Road. Stick with YHC on this. Partner up. Partner 1 puts his block down and runs “down” Love Hill to a designated bend in the road. Simultaneously, Partner 2 grabs his own block and starts to lunge “up” Love Hill towards the Amphitheater gate. When the runner returns, he grabs his own block and carries it to wherever his partner has advanced. The men swap roles. Partner 2 puts down his block and runs to the designated bend in the road, and Partner 1 lunges with his block towards the gate. Continue this progression until either Partner reaches the gate. The run only gets longer each time.

Hold the block for the 6. Then, LBCs with block on chest. Rosalitas next.

Mosey into the Amphitheater to the top step for another nutty exercise.

Starting at the top step, each man does 5 block curls. Then, put the block down, and run to the bottom of the Amphitheater. Do one incline merkin. Run to the top. Do 5 more block curls. Put the block down. Run to the 2nd step from the bottom. Do 2 WWIIs. Run to the top, and do 5 block curls. Put the block down. Run to the 3rd step from the bottom. Do 3 squats.

Get it? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8….and so forth. Rotation is incline merkins, WWIIs, and squats as you ascend the amphitheater. Get through as many rounds as possible.

Mosey to the Amphitheater to drop the blocks. Then, mosey back towards the VSF, but stop for some Pole Smokers along the way. PAX hold 6 inches while one PAX member does 10 four-count flutter kicks.

BTTVSF for some stretching.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


May 30, Convergence at Tredegar Iron Works. This will involve brotherhood, exercise in the sun (yeah, it’s weird), and coffeeteria. Starts at 7. YHC thinks Gomer has the Q.

June 4th – big day. You are busy from 6 until 11. Just book it. The Bridge, 7:00 a.m. (leave by 6 cause you will get lost), Buckingham, VA for a convergence with Charlottesville . Stay for food after (and sign up so Vinny can get a rough headcount). 

Also, June 4th, give your blood starting at 10 a.m. You can be done by 10:30 if you don’t pass out. Location is Epiphany Lutheran (Methodists, Baptists, and Pentacostals can still come – I’m told Lutherans don’t bite, hard) at the corner of Horsepen and Monument. Pigskin has a sign up sheet, but your name is likely not on it yet, so get yourself together, make a commitment to someone other than you, and donate. YHC is also not on the list, and needs to get himself together.

Breaking Bread – This is our volunteer event. YHC asks that you do this 1 time per year (F3 has 24 nights annually). Make dinner for 8-12 people, drop it off on Belt Blvd. at 5:30, and make some people in need very happy. You know how excited your M and your kids and everyone you talk to get when you share a story about a Beat Down? Yeah – not that excited. Sharing a story about Breaking Bread? THAT will get them excited. We need 2 people for June and 2 for August. You can do this. Drop YHC a line with any questions. Sign up on the Q sheet (it’s on the far right – really, it’s there.)

NMS: Great to have some of the old band back together at The Dogpile. Swirly and Big Blue were back and in business. Great to have you, pal. Bunch of guys made the trip from far south of the James. Good crew.

Wilson’s suggestions on YHC’s life needs were noted. YHC is glad to know someone in the restaurant business. If YHC ever meets Wilson’s actual wife,…, oh, boy.

YHC notes an update to the Stud List. YHC is not sure where “Stud” starts, but certainly 1,000 posts counts. Nice work today, EF Hutton, who joins as the third F3 RVA member to hit 1,000 posts on Big Data. Honorable mention to anyone who joined F3 in another city, has posted for 11 years, and probably has 1,000 total. Big Data probably knows that too.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Upchuck, hope you get some. Just keep my wife’s name out your f$&@! mouth. lol Solid Q and happy to see I made the screen shot. Motivation to post more!

  2. Great Q UPC! That block just never got put down. Phew! The BB was a fun read and coffeteria was a good time too! Hutton, congrats! 1000 posts is no joke. Handshake, we missed you. My condolences regarding your grandmother sir. Hope to see you, and many others, next week.