Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

W Dog Sampler Platter


5 men gathered for a Tuckahoe Takeover W Dog and this is what transpired

Mosey to Amphitheater for COP with some classic exercises to include but not limited to: Suzanne Summers, Jazzercise, Inverted Scorpion Kicks, Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey to the Ha Penny Stage to get blocks and return to the Amphitheater for some block work. Bottom to Top 5 Curls and 5 Overhead Presses, Top to Bottom 5 Rows. Return Blocks to Ha Penny Stage

Mosey to the Rusty Cage for 5 Jerkins and 5 Pulls x 3 rounds

Mosey to the bottom of the Pipe loop. Partner up, P1 runs the Loop and P2 does WWII’s. Two rounds.

Mosey up Love Hill and back to the flag.

Announcements: The Bridge in Dillwyn, Va. on June 4th (see Slack), Pigskins Blood Drive at Epiphany Lutheran on June 4th (see Slack), Memorial Day Convergence at Tredegar.

Prayer Requests: Tryhards sister, Labrat, Ukraine/Lighthouses family, Mr. Holland (recovering from Shoulder surgery)

NMS – it was a perfect morning to be at W Dog. The weather was perfect and it was good to see the crew. Its been a long time since Big Blue and ‘lil Blue have both been at the same workout. Even the City of Richmond made sure the grass at the Amphitheater was cut for us. YHC was glad to have enough light for the Pipe Loop.


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  1. Big Tennessee on

    Good Q, Handshake. Rusty cage, amphitheater, pipe loop Love Hill and coupons all in 45 min. Solid!