Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Watch where you lay


Tuckahoe Takeover is in full swing with a first time Q for me at Punisher. It was sunny and nearly 70 as Fireman Ed let the PAX explore the space.

COP: DQ, helicopters, merkins, MCs and FMs

E1: Four corners with 10 burpees, 20 WWIIs, 30 2 count MCs, 40 2 count flutter kicks. We had trouble finding a good WWII place devoid of acorns.

E2: Explore the area with one dice. 1 or 2 means 15 HRMs, 3 or 4 means 15 Helix jump squat and 5 or 6 means 15 heels to heaven. I almost lied in dog feces hence the warning from Chum Bucket. Of the 5 rolls, the HRMs were the most popular. we went a long city block each direction and ended up back at Timmy Kane Linwood Holton Elementary.

E3: On the field, do a full length bear crawl. EF busted out a second gear on that. Back with lunges. Back with crab walk and then back with Bernies. Rip Cord was annoyed that we have no Republican named exercises so there is now homework for all of us. Mosey to dandelion pavilion.

E4: Sets of derkins, step ups and dips. Set 1: 10, 10 2 count and 15. Set 2: 15, 15 and 20 and Last set 20, 20 and 25. Mosey to side of school facing Laburnum.

E5: Wall sits, donkey kicks balls to the wall and one minute elbow plank. Then wall sits with air press and more donkey kicks. Mosey to little grassy area near cars.

Finished with AHs, merkins, LBCs and DQs.

Announcements: 5/30 convergence at Tredegar downtown led by Gomer Pyle, 6/4 Blood drive at Epiphany Lutheran – Pigskin is leading, 6/4 Bridge workout – ask Vinny, lunch tomorrow at Joey;s in Innsbrook.

Prayers are with Gypsy – upcoming surgery, Lab Rat – cancer recovery, and another PAX whose name I forget who just came out of shoulder surgery. It was good to Q a new venue and to meet Rip Cord.

Have a fulfilling and productive week!

Fireman Ed


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