Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

White Socks


7 men showed up at 6:30 for an hour long workout and here is what went down:

Run workout

Two men (Marco Polo and Mr Holland) ran a little over 6 miles through Giles and Taylor Farms checking out the paved trails.

Boot Camp

YHC had a plan this nice cool morning and here is what went down for the remaining 5 brothers:

We mosey to basketball court for COP – 20 SSH, 10 DQ’s, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Ukrainian soldiers, 10 4ct helicopters, 15 arm circles 10 small and 5 big, reverso, 10 LBC’s, 20 4ct American Hammers, 10 scorpions, 20 merkins.

We start with a Tabata workout(with some YHC 80’s-90’s hair band rock) with 6 rotations of 8 reps 20 seconds exercise and 10 seconds rest.

Here were the 6 exercises (4 minutes each) We did upper, core and lower

Exercise 1 – 10 hand release merkins and plank the remaining time.

Exercise 2 – Freddie mercuries

Exercise 3 – Reverse Lunges

Exercise 4 – Balls to the Wall

Exercise 5 – LBC’s

Exercise 6 – Jump squats

Partner Jump Rope 4 Corners:

Next YHC pulls out a pair of jump ropes where 2 PAX post at corner 1 They are the timer and the first rotation requires 20 jumps in a row with out stopping or tripping on the rope. This is completed when one of the 2 partners completes the 20 jump rope reps without stopping

Corner 2 – Merkins

Corner 3 – Squats

Corner 4 – Lunges

One of the 2 jump rope partners moves to C2 the other remains. All others rotate clockwise to the next corner. We do this 5 times so everyone is at the jumprope station for 2 turns and also had one turn at the other corners. This completes 1 set. We add 5 reps to the Jump rope set to where it is 25 reps and repeat the above corner rotations. We continue Sets until we get to 40 reps of the Jump rope. YHC played a different rock play list for this set of exercises…some even joked about Yacht Rock or Rock Ballads…had some classic tunes for sure!

We mosey back to the flag for COT.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out in prayer.


Prayers for Lab Rat for recovery from cancer treatment. Next weekend DaPile will post at Dogpile for our monthly convergence. Great mumble chatter this morning with all the bootcamp PAX…this get’s you going in the morning as we laughed about our younger days, becoming dad’s and other very funny stories as you had to be here to really get this groove. We then go to Local Cup for some 2nd F and had a great time catching up.

It was an honor to lead this morning and I will see you in the gloom…Cheers CB!


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