Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Little Field Trip


A YHC was greeted with five brave men this morning and we took a little field trip as follows:

Moseyed to the square near Police Memorial Way for COP. Due to the popular demand, YHC led a good stretching exercises: Dead man hang, tippy toes with hands in the air, left and right side stretches with hands in the air, right arm stretch with left arm pulling and switch sides, leg stretches, etc.

Moseyed to the tennis court near the lake. The first exercise was the suicidal. Everyone on one side of the court and touch every line and back to the first line.

The second exercise was four corners: Corner #1 20 x merkins, Corner # 2 20 x WWII, Corner # 3 20 x SSH, Corner # 4 20 x monkey humpers. In order to move to the next corner, we ran around the tennis court and past the current corner and move to the next corner.

Mosey to the neighborhood on Westover Road. The third exercise tree exercise. Odd number tree for 10 x merkins and even number tree for 10 x WWII.

While moseying, YHC demonstrated how Korean soldiers do running.

Number, names, and announcements. Usual suspects: Memorial Day Conversions/Labrat’s Health.

Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning! Enjoyed it a lot!


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