Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

After 6 years, I still can’t say “Move!”


It was a glorious Monday morning at Atlee High School when YHC signed up to Q at 5:25 AM. As the 3 generations of F3 pax members (Phonics EHed Corned Beef who EHed Trout) circled up for the COP, YHC started into the count of SSH by saying, “1) The first exercise is SSH, 2) Starting Position 3) Moo Moo Moo.” After 6 years, YHC still can’t say “Move” but he did complete it with “In cadence, exercise.” The rest of the beatdown went like this.


SSH, Arm Circles (10 small, 5 big, reverso), Helicopters, Don Quixotes, One legged backwards lunges, switch legs, Merkins, Angled Knee Jumps, LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, Heels to Heaven, One legged APDs, switch legs, Roselias.

The Thang

Triple Sprints – Standing 50 yards apart, the 1st Pax member ran 50 yards and tagged the member to return to the 3rd member. Each did 5 burpees until they ran again. Do this 5 times and then bear crawl to meet in middle and then do 10 IC Merkins.

Lat Hangs/Merkins – While holding your chin above the pull-up bar, count from 15 to 1. Then lead 10 Merkins IC. Each Pax member led twice for total of 6 rounds with a 400 slow mosey 1/2 way through.

At basketball court, hold elbow plank for 30 count then do 10 IC rotating elbow planks. Mosey to other corner and hold side plank for 30 count with last 10 seconds moving hip up and down. Then mosey to other corner and hold the other side plank with moving hop up and down for 30 count.

Mosey to SF for 2 MOM. Hold back plank for 30 seconds then move butt up and down for last 10 seconds. Then hold six inches for 30 count.

Numberaroma, Name-O-Roma, Announcements, YHC took us out.


YHC is thankful for all of the friendships and experiences he has had over his 6 years of being Phonics. Thank you to Lab Rat for your determined effort to EH me. As we started into our first mosey, Corned Beef pointed out the 3 generations that were represented. That was an awesome observation.

It was a pleasure to lead this outstanding Pax today!!

Gotta Run!



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