Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

45MOM – Wedding Edition


8 gents arrived to wish Mary well on her upcoming nuptials. This is what transpired, more or less….

  • Run around the circle/square/block while partner does a series of exercises: LBC, HR Merkins, M-Climbers, Squats.
  • Tennis Court Crawls: Bear, Crab, Crawl-Bear, Polar. Pause for exercises between each court
  • 2 Trees out and 1 Back: Traversing field while back and forth exercises (Merkins and J-Squats)
  • Triple Check: Balls to wall, WWII, Run out and Bernie Back
  • 5 Minutes of Mary


YHC appreciates the well wishes on his daughter’s upcoming event, and condolences regarding the state of his checking account. Enjoyed observing Hitchhiker learning the stark economic differences between Korean weddings and those of the USA…

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  1. Great Q Saab. Enjoyed meeting you and Bleeder for the first time. I was gassed on those 2 Trees out and 1 Back. Well done