Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Selfies by the Sea


One PAX pulled off the covers of The Fartsack and hit the surf for the latest edition of The Clinic (on tour). Air temperatures were 70 and sunny. Water temperatures were 59 and high tide. According to the walker taking selfies in the dark, the following might have happened:

Mosey on Niguel Road to Ritz Carlton Drive to Beach Access Road.


SSHs x 50 (in honor of The Carpenter starting a new AO)
WWIIs x 20
FKs x 20
LBCs x20
Merkins x10
HRMs x10

Mosey to the Surf (noting the walker on his way across the sand)

Down the hill, left (south) at the sand towards the jetty. 1/4 mile run on the soft sand.

Derkins x20 on the rocks. Squats x20.

Run north on the beach. Highest tide. Soft sand and dry or hard sand and wet. YHC choose a mix, then gave up on the soft sand and took the wetness.

At the 1 mile point, surprise the dude taking selfies at the water’s edge with a solid “Good morning.” Reminder: Taking selfies in the dark on the edge of the ocean is not a risk-free venture. No iPhones were injured in the making of this Beatdown.

Continue north, alternative merkins, squats, and ab exercises. Turn at the cliffs. Run back, mixing running in ocean and hard sand. Conditions were cold, wet, and eventually sandy (in the shoes).

At the jetty, revers-o, then north to access road, up the monster hill (short, but ~15% grade?), and back up the stairs to RC Drive, Niguel Drive, and BTTVSF.


YHC reminded himself of the Sad Clowns running alone in Charlotte, the blood drive, PAX members families in need, and the awesome guys (Hutton, Bootleg) who conducted Breaking Bread this weekend.

June 4th, let’s head to Buckingham.

NMS: The Clinic is on the road this week, doing a little West Coast / East Coast comparison.


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  1. For sure.

    Tupac is sand, surf, and selfies.

    Biggie is parking lot, hookers, and meth lab.