Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Over the River and Through the Woods


Fifteen red riding hoods left the bat cave, crossed the river and headed upstream to Huguenot Flatwater. Everyone picked up the new trail in the woods admiring how civilized and proper this path is compared to the old one.

Upon returning to Riverside, 4s turned right and headed home. 5s and 6s turned left to head downstream a little further. 5s turned around Rockfalls and 6s were supposed to turn around at the quarry. Whether they were lost in conversation, didn’t see the quarry, or pursued by a wolf, we will never know. They got bonus miles in by going to Pony Pasture.

Florence took us out.

–> Thoughts and prayers for Pucker’s friend who was in an accident.

–> Memorial Day convergence downtown.

–> June 4 – Give blood or head to the Bridge in C-ville. Both are good causes and causes to do good.


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