Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How high can a Subaru go?


Runners ran ~6 miles according to second F on patio. While walkers dont worry about distance, just how long the stride is. Some great conversations today. Started and finished with the same conversation………..yup, it actually happened. Bigger question is how high can Aisle 5 take his knobby tire Subaru. In truth, doesn’t matter cause Nancy is going to get a lift for him and install a ladder for him to get in/out. If he were a Vette guy, he would be able to lower on factory bolts (saving Nancy a ton of $$). He should swing by New Market in two Saturdays as Wilson is lowering the C5. Plenty of cuss words and beer will be flowing. Gumbo is lobbying his boy to be a pro golfer based on the average height of golfers he observed at the Masters. More to come………..

Have a great Sunday fellas and it was great to see more coming out as it warms up.


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  1. BTW Wilson is looking for a cheap set of driveway curb ramps. PM me if anyone comes accross a set. Damn rolled curbs.

  2. Update your data Wilson! I got in the 6+ mile Boberry approved route this morning too.

  3. @tobit and boberry, sorry to short your mileage ~ means “about”. Boberry – come in a walk one Sunday again and we can have the “man” conversation. Hopefully he knows his name…

  4. Haha! I didn’t mean you got the mileage wrong….I meant you left me off the PAX list.