Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpee’s “four” days


7 Men of wonder gathered on the grounds of Rockwood park and according to the travel baseball teams here is what was seen.


In the far lot

DQ’s, Helicopters, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, Dead Man Hangs and Merkins

The string bag on YHC’s back gave the mysterious feel to the air. Once the contents where reveled a wonder came over the PAX of “frisbees? how hard could this be”. It was then the YHC told the PAX about our burpee golf game for the day. Each HIM gets a frisbee and rights their name “never your hospital name, you know who you are” (Nate, Who’s Nate). YHC picks a target and each HIM will do a Burpee for the number of shot that they are on. For instance if its your third shot, you must do 3 Burpees before you can run to get your next shot. If your frisbee is caught in the air, the one who threw it must do an additional 5 burpees. If the one who tried to catch it hits the frisbee but fails to complete the catch they must do the 5 Burpees. PAX ended up playing about 9 – 10 holes before they started looking like they where Burpee’ed out.

Mosey to the far corner

The good news is we will not do any more Burpees the bad news is we have a lot of time left and a highly motivated Q. An ab only 4 corners Prostitute is called and away we went the lot was bigger than some of the PAX would have liked to run so YHC modified the field to 3/4s the size. Corner 1 – 10 Hello Dollies, Corner 2 – 20 Rosalitas, Corner 3 – Scrunchy Frogs, Corner 4 – American Hammers. As the 6 was on their way back from the 4th Corner time was called.


Back a little early so 20 WWII in cadence and 20 Big Boy Sit Ups OYO (Last Call noted a Big Boy sit up is really a Burpee in reverse).

Numbers / Names Juanita took us out


YHC has 12 cheep Wal Mart frisbees that do not fly well at all. YHC has done this at the Forge in the past and it was just as much fun this time. At minimum we did between 40 – 50 Burpees today but most of the PAX took more than 5 shots to make it to the next hole and several of us had to do 5 extra penalty Burpees.


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  1. Rookie mistake by YHC writing my hospital name on the disc lol. Not used to writing names during a Q. Lesson learned. Fun Q today Doozy. Thanks for leading and awesome to see a repeat posting by House Party. Maybe we’ll see the 2 guys I invited at the park today next week?? 😉