Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The stars are always brighter after a good rain


9 Star gazers made their way out of the rain soaked gloom to find what they thought would be wet soccer fields.

Mosey to the tennis courts: COP (pay toll along the way 20 Dips, 20 Derkins)

DQ’s run a lap, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers

Mosey out to the main parking lot to find 12 frisbees with lights on them set up in a big circle and a bucket in the middle. Start in the middle at the bucket and run to one of the stars and do 25 of the exercise on the frisbee, run back to the bucket do 5 burpees and move on to the next star until you’ve done all the stars.

Mosey to the first corner, hit all four corners with 10 of those exercises, chris cross do those exercises with burpees at the bucket. We missed 2 exercises, Ball Dippers and Hand Release Merkins and Last Call wanted to do Arm circles so as the PAX went back and forth for the last 2 stars we did Arm circles forward and backwards and last but not least 5 more burpees

Mosey BTTF pay more tolls (Taxation without representation) this is a Dictatorship and YHC got to be the Dic today.

At the flag get in your best Lazy Boy position and recline

Numbers / Names Chaplain took us out


Stars was really supposed to be Clocks and the 12 frisbees where supposed to be the numbers but the fields at No Toll really retain water and it was only 36 degrees this morning (or as we like to call it 70 and sunny) so clocks was moved to the parking lot and renamed stars. Snuff and Last Call where thinking about all the burpees we did and tried to add them all up afterwards, if my math is correct we should have done right around 75 burpees this morning.


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  1. Breaking News : After years of science affirming Burpees are good for you, they now in fact have been found to be bad for you. lol nice beatdown Doozy

  2. Typical brutal Doozy Q with plenty of running and exercises that keep you guessing. Thank you for keeping us somewhat dry as the gloom kept us guessing what exercise was coming next. Great work.