Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bikini Season is around the corner


Fourteen Fearless redwoods (including 1 FNG – Polly and 1 visitor Webelos from F3 Naperville) gathered on a purrfect cool morning to develop their physiques for upcoming bikini season. According to those standing around at the local cricket league it went something like this:

5 burpee start

Mosey to COP all IC, all 4 count; 10x SSH, 10x IW, 10x APD, 10x Tuscaloosa Trailer Park Twister, 51 LBC, 10x Bohemian Rhapsody, 10x Freddie Mercury, 10x Hello Dolly, 10x Rosalita, 10x Merkin, 10x HRM, 10x Merkin + sky Reach, 10x Grass Angel, 10x Aussie style, 10x ww2, 10x Arm Circle, 10x reverso, 10x seal claps, 10x overhead claps. Wrap it up with 10x control freak merkin.

Triple check. Touch a tree. Flutters and WW2s.

Booyah merkin ring of fire.

Partner 11s. Jumpsquats. Everyones favorite WW2s

5 bonus burpees at PAX request – Thanks Tater

Mosey to pole smoker. 5 box cutters while PAX work various exercises. Called after 3 rounds. We will get all 60ish poles done at some point gents.

Mosey for spider merkin on bleachers – instruction needs refinement.

BTTF for a ring of fire.

Seymour took us out

Welcome to FNG – Polly (nee Adrian). Polly was brought out by Webelos visiting from F3 Naperville. Originally from Birmingham, moved to Twin Hickory from west Chitown, into music and a former Rugby Union flanker. Several great naming alternatives including Susan Boyle.  We left the Twin Hickory themed Swinger and Lasagna Party for next time. Several Rocky alternatives came to mind as well. Finally, we settled on a Peaky Blinders theme – which Polly will now binge on as he has never seen it. 

Polly is hardcore, and so is Polly – cigars and brown liquor on the horizon.

Prayer Requests: Lab Rat, Handshakes family, Lighthouse family.


  • Breaking bread sign up
  • April 29 Friends of Barnabas virtual benefit.
  • June 4 blood drive at Epiphany Lutheran corner of Monument and Horsepen.

NMS – YHC five year anniversary Friday.  Today kicks off the annual week of Qs.  See slack for more.  Lets bring some FNGs out.

Get some!


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