Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

94 Burpees for Granny


11 men gathered for the unknown. Slaughter Start with 14 Burpees set the pace for what was coming.

YHC cant remember all the things we did, it was a hodge podge or partner work, triple checks, etc with a 10 Burpee timer going off every 5 minutes.

Announcements – Bone Thugs Tax Day run tomorrow at RAAM. Currahee is cancelled. Also, congrats to Bone Thugs on the new job.

Prayer Requests – Tryhard’s sister and family as well as Lab Rat as they go through Cancer treatments.

NMS – we lost my maternal Grandmother this week, she was 94 years old. She moved up to Richmond 11 years ago when she started falling. She was a fiercely independent person who treated moving from the home she loved to an assisted living facility and in a wheelchair with such grace. The 94 Burpees were for her.

Go forth today and love your family and friends and enjoy the beauty of the Spring.


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