Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

So what really happened at door 23?


14 of the worlds finest men of valor stopped by to what YHC had planned for today. 10 chose correctly to head out to battle and defeat the mighty foe (AKA Sad Clown) 4 ran away and did not return until the foe was defeated. According to the bus drivers this is what happened.

COP: DQ’s – 5 burpees, Helicopters – 4 burpees, Imperial Walkers – 3 burpees, WWII – 2 burpees, Merkins – 1 burpee

Mosey to door number 1 as a group follow the doors around and alternate exercises to the number on the door Merkins, Big Boy Sit-ups and 2 count Ball Dippers. After door #33 we had a little time left so a Indigenous people curb crawl was called. Last in line does 10 Squat Jumps runs to the front. Time was called, everyone does 20 Squat Jumps.


Numbers/Names Don Draper took us out


Door 23 was a good topic of discussion this morning and what actually happened to it. There is only an outline and a set of steps to let you know that it was ever even there. Legend has it the there was a kid named Billy Jackson back a few years after the school was built, Billy was a challenging child at best. Back then the teachers could spank the disruptive problem children and that usually straightened them out a bit but not Billy, he just kept on with his mumble chatter and disrespect of authority. After Billy was in the 7th grade for the 4th year in a row Mrs. Crambackler decided she had had enough and she took Billy out back through door 20A and into door 23. She locked the door on the way out and school went on as usual ending around 2:30 that day but everyone forgot that Billy had not come out of door 23. Several weeks latter when everyone was wondering why the class disruptions where way down someone asked where was Billy. That’s when Mrs. Crambackler smiled and said that he had moved suddenly to Hoboken, NJ. A nice Handyman from the area was asked to take door 23 out and brick it over. Nobody since has ever seen what is behind the bricks that used to be door 23 but if you listen real closely as you pass by you can hear Mumble Chatter as you pass by.


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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve done a beatdown at SOT, thank you for letting me lead the way this morning guys