Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not Your Normal Breakfast Club


Tupacs showed for Breakfast Club. Temps were 70 and sunny, albeit surprisingly windy and chilly. According to the Lime Riders who apparently checked into the hospital en masse, the following quite possibly happened:

Route: not the normal route. 1.6 miles or so. Only those who post know. No lakes or geese were harmed in the process.

Return route: Not a secret. Park to lake across bridge to biscuity goodness.

Numbers, names, brief convocation.

No announcements because we just spend almost 2 hours together, and if we had something to share, the time to speak up has passed.

NMS: Handshake is playing with the Pigeons and Hitchhiker will did not meet us at Dogpile.

Good luck to the guys running today in Petersburg. YHC knows Doozy is in (not sure who else). Crush it, fellas.


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