Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The bagpipes of St Patrick’s Day


PAX at 2d F included Honeydo, Faceplant, Flatline, Lab Rat, and Ronnie. Alas they missed Currahee but the out of towners did get free beer – all as promised.

NMS – Fun was had by all and different libations were on order after the first $8.50 Guinness. A pint of beer should be cheaper than a gallon of petrol.

Some PAX started a bit early to catch the first games of the NCAAB round of 64 Including the SpidURS who beat down Iowa. Go SpidURs!

We also made a friend from Minneapolis who was quite interested in UNC shellac-ing Marquette, but less so in F3. We wish him luck.

Imagine our glee when the Benedictine and Clan McLeod drum and fife bands showed up to St Patrick’s day. They played loud and great…. however… YHC’s new firm has software development offices in Belfast and while there are bagpipes in Ireland, at St Paddy’s Day is rather rare.

CAH bagpipes

Gitty up!


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  1. Thanks for hosting. Thank you for arriving hours before the start time and until Last Call so you didn’t miss any of the Pax members