Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Please raise your hand


11 skipped the fartsack this morning to start their week off right at THE glorious Satan’s Hill. As always it was Sunny and 70, for another beatdown. This is what may have happened…


SSH’s x 20

5 Burpees

Helicopters x10

4 Burpees

Imperial Walkers x10

3 Burpees

Don Quixotes

2 Burpees

Arm Circles

1 Burpee

The Thangggg

Suicides to the First 4 Mailboxes on the Left

1st Mailbox- 25 Merkins

2nd Mailbox- 50 Shoulder Taps

3rd Mailbox- 75 Mountain Climbers

4th Mailbox- 100 LBC’s

Mosey back down to grab some coupons..

Triple Checks

Partner 1 (Timer): Run to the clubhouse and 5 jerkins

Partner 2: Bench Press

Partner 3: Curls

Partner Leg Raises- 2 sets of 25 reps

Partner 1 (Timer): Bear Crawl to Florence’s Truck and Back

Partner 2: Shoulder Press

Partner 3: Calf Raises

Put the Coupons back and Partner Up for some Dora

100- WWIIs

200- Carolina Dry Docks

300- Flutter Kicks

Partner Bernie Sanders to the curb by the clubhouse and run back

Short Mosey Back to the Flag for some time with Mary IC: LBC’s, Heels to Heaven, American Hammers

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out


Being a temporary resident in Midlothian until May 7th, YHC felt like it was time to lead and Satan’s Hill gave a good opportunity to give a beatdown. YHC mentioned one disclaimer and that was if you had a different suggestion to an exercise please kindly raise your hand and I would take it into consideration… YHC didn’t take any suggestions. Good work by everyone and way to push through! Thankful for you guys, make it a great day!


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