Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Poplar exercises


At Gridiron today, we started out, after warm-up (SSHs, IWs, Don Quixote, US (Ukrainian Soldiers), Stretching), with 10 minutes of Burpees on Burpee Hill, in hopes that the Burpees will bring Homer back out to Gridiron. Almost expected him to sense the vibes and show up. But alas, no Homer. On the other hand, there was a rare Blue Moon appearance.

Next, Stretching and then 11s:

Pullups and WWIIs. J’vile and I forget who else finished early so I didn’t get to finish my 11s. Darn!

Back to the parking lot for 3 rounds of 20, jumping over the line, in cadence, with a stretch in between.

Over to the stands by the football field for single count Bulgarian split squats (each leg) and Dips: 10, 9, 8, etc. down to 1.

Over to the parking lot in front of the school for more 11s: Mike Tysons and Plank-arm raises.

Back to the original parking lot for 1 leg balance. Impressive balance shown by Atilla and Tater. Tater was able to touch his nose to his shoe while maintaining his balance.

Finished up with Dollies, Heels to Heaven and one-legged APDs,

So, a bit of a geography lesson today: Ukraine (tribute to Lighthouse and the people of Ukraine), Bulgaria (split squats) and Alabama (APDs).

J’ville offered to work on Pinto’s Porsche. Pinto didn’t seem interested. Wonder why? I know Chum was disasppointed we didn’t do a lot of really long distance running.

I just checked and the Q-sheet is wide open. Lots of opportunities!



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