Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ABS and THIGHS oh my!


70 and Sunny!! Why wouldn’t 20 studs from around RVA gather around for an epic beat down.  Great to see LabRat and CircleK this morning.  It’s been too long brothers.  We gonna learn about them Coupons today.   Let’s get after it!

Oyster:   Long Mosey to the Penny Stage.  Grab a Coupon, Circle up:  SSH, DQ, Cherry Pickers, Coupon Squats, Toe Taps, Coupon Merkins, LBC, Flutter Kicks, Coupon American Hammers, WWII, Alabama Prom Dates.

The Thang:
Oyster:  Mosey to the Triangle with Coupon.  Partner up
Partner 1:   Carry 2 Coupons to the end of the street.
Partner 2:  Run to the end and back.   Switch.
Plank for the 6.
In Cadence: Planks, Flutter Kicks.
Repeat back to the Top.
Plank for the 6.
In Cadence:   SSH, Not So Lazy Lazy Boys.
Repeat back to the Bottom.
Plank for the 6.
In Cadence:  Planks, Merkins, Freddy Mercurys
Repeat back to the Top.
Plank for the 6.
In Cadence:  Flutter Kicks
Return Coupons, Penny Stage.

Oyster passes the Q to Duke (true story) :
Duke:  Let’s Mosey to the Amphitheater 
Partner up for a Dora.
100 Box Jumps, 200 Squats, 300 LBC.
Run to the Top and Back.
Plank for the 6.
Something was said:  5 Burpees.
Something else was said: 5 Burpees.

Duke:  Let’s Mosey to Love Hill.
Partner up:
Partner 1:  Broad Jump Burpees
Partner 2: Run to the top and back.
Partner 1: Lunges
Partner 2: Run to the top and back.
UpChuck got Jokes:  5 Burpees

Duke:  Mosey to the Circle.  
Ring of fire with a Sprint.
2 People Sprint the Circle, Everyone else does Merkins and Squats.
Repeat until everyone sprints circle.
Move into the Circle:  
Nothing was said:  5 Burpees
Flutter Kicks in Cadence
LBC in Cadence
Jazzercise in Cadence

Duke:  Mosey back to the Flag.

Announcements:  It’s time to HeadLock some of the guys who haven’t been out in while.   Check the emergency contact sheet and reach out.

Good News: CircleK reports that The Stallions that went out to Nevada have finished this race. Rim to Rim is done!! Everyone is safe and everyone is healthy. Now on to the next one!!

YHC took us out:     Thankful for this group and how it has changed me over the years.  Something about starting the day with fellowship, a workout and usually a lot of laughter just sets the tone for the whole day.  I know my family, friends, and coworkers appreciate that change in me. Let’s be thankful and pass on those blessing to someone in need.



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  1. Well done today!! Thanks for letting me start the day off. That Q energy was strong today.

  2. Oyster and Duke, great beatdown! Good to see a big turn out. GP, nice to see you moving better. Lots of fun at Libbie Market afterwards. I’m Grateful for all of you guys!