Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

On the Move @ SOT


10 Boot Campers & 4 runners emerged from their automobiles and were met with 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies @ SOT this morning. The Boot Campers didn’t run with the runners, but they ran all the same. Here’s what’s rumored to have occurred:


Mosey around Midlo Middle. Lots of mumblechatter regarding amount of running before the lap concluded

COP: SSHs, DQs, Merkins, Boxcutters (slow & fast), X’s & O’s

Field Trip Mosey across adjacent shopping center parking lot to church parking lot

Partner up for BEARimeter: BearCrawl loop around 3 parking lot islands with partner, switch when runner catches up. Repeato with CrawlBear loop around 2 parking lot islands

Grab a piece of curb for Toe Taps IC

Mosey back to shopping center parking lot

Line up to Lunge Uphill for 60s

Mosey back to Midlo Middle, proceed around back of school and down to track.

2 lines on goal line for Over/Unders: first guy runs 5 yards then elbow planks, next guy in line runs over elbow planker, runs additional 5 yards then gets in Fudd’s Wife’s pose. Next go goes over, then under, then runs 5 yards and elbow planks. Repeato until you’re the last guy and carry on until the end of the field. Race the other line of PAX. There was damn near a mutiny.

Lap of Insubordination.

Stop at bleachers for Tiabattas: Dips x8, then Step Ups or Box Jums x8

The mumblechatter was deafening.

Mosey back to VSF.

30s left, so LBC oyo until time


YHC asked for a moment of silence to reflect on the violence in Ukraine and how lucky we are to live where we do.

Naked Moleskin

That was fun. It must of been a successful workout because POG was gassed and Marmaduke couldn’t even get any words out. Thanks for the field trips and acting like kids this morning. YHC needed that.


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Not sure about total mileage during the workout, but it may have been close to 3. My watch is currently telling me 4.71 at 9:17am…

  2. Your BB PAX count should have said *14 runners* and no bootcampers. Great Q DK. Those X’s and O’s were a nice touch, particularly the pain that accompanied the X’s.