Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just YHC and OC, talkin life


2 posted with wet ground but no rain coming down

Mosey to the dry area in front of BWES

DQ’s, Helicopters, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, on your six for some stretches and LBC’s

Mosey to the front of JRHS lung to each post 2 squats increasing by 2 at each post

Stay at the benches one partner runs out and around the light while partner 2 does exercise (Dip, Wall Sits, Balls to the Wall)

Mosey to the JRHS track

Run to the round corners and do 10 Merkins at each, Bernie to the corners and do 20 total Ball Dippers, Butt kickers and High knees to the corners 20 Squats, Run to the corners ????

Mosey back up to BWES under the cover, some big leg stretches, WWII’s


Numbers, Names YHC took us out


Its good to get a beatdown in when its just two people. The conversation can go a little deeper than the normal surface stuff. Thanks OC for just keeping it real.


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