Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sampler Platter


10 of the toughest guys in the West End gathered for a beatdown and this is what transpired

COP in front of Quioccasin Middle

Mosey to the Bus Loop at Pemberton. Two Hand Release Merkins then Bear Crawl to the next Pole. Complete the entire Bus Loop

Partner Up – P1 Run to the end of the Bus Loop, P2 HRM’s then Rotate for 3 rounds. Round 2 and Round 3 WWII’s and Flutter Kicks

Mosey to Blacktop behind PES – Triple Check P1) Karaoke facing the school to the fence and run back P2) HRM’s P3) LBC’s Round 2 P1) Karaoke facing the field to the fence and back Round 3 P3) Bernie Sanders to the fence and run back

Mosey to the Pull Up Bars and partner up P1) 10 Pull Ups, P2) WWII’s for 3 rounds

Mosey to the PES field for a Four Corners Start at the first corner and run the entire 4 Corners and complete 10 Burpess, run back to the third corner and complete 40 SSH’s and then to the second corner and complete 30 Two-Count American Hammers, run back to the second corner for 20 Squats, and run back to the start.

Mosey back towards the flag but stop and do 20 HR-Derkins

Mosey back to the flag and complete a Merkin Ring of Fire and end with 1 minute of WWII’s

Announcements – Happy Hour at the Innsbrook Capital Ale House this Thursday, March 17th at 2700 hours

Prayer Request – the country of Ukraine and Lighthouse’s family. Roger Roger and his family (Mother, Father, Aunt)

NMS – Not a lot of mumble chatter today. YHC wanted to explore the AO and keep things moving


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  1. Good all around mix this morning Handshake. First time I’ve ever done Hand Release Derkins…