Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Celestial Light


An extremely lucky 13 feared not the Ides of March. According to the kids in the kiddie pool on Patterson, here is the route.

Up the hill to the main entrance and take a right up to Three Chopt. It’s always fun starting straight up hill. Take a right on the access road.

4s take a left on St Chris. 5s/6s take a left on Grove and then Granite and Lexington respectively. Everyone takes their cut through street to Patterson and then take a left. Head west to Honaker and another left to pick up Boatwright and descend snake hill.

Past the Robins center, across the parking lot and down to the lake for a lap, before finishing at the AO.

As always, Marv takes us out with inspiration and style.


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