Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chewbacca’s Mom, Coltrane, and Two Cars


The heavy stuff was not supposed to come down until 515, so a 500 start let us warm up in just ample rain. Here is what happened, more or less, according to the three train conductors.

Mosey to the small triangle park for COP. Don Quixote, Hillbillies, Helicopters, DMH.

Now for a mobile Lindsay working out way down to Westham Station – Box Cutters and Carolina Dry Docks. Nothing was dry about the dry docks as we caught up with the run off water as we went down hill.

Various exercise along Westham Station to include lunge walk, bear crawl, and a nice dip/derkin medley on the stone wall.

Ah, Highland. Partner up for triple check. Partner 1 runs the steep hill and back. Partner 2 performs Monkey Hummers and Partner 3 performs LBCs.

Trot up the hill to the next turn for some catch me if you can. Partner 1 Saunders while partner 2 performs 7 HRMs and runs to catch the partner. Reverso and Repeato until you reach the top.

Return down River Road with a stop for squats and a stop in Saab’s driveway for APDs. Back to the AO and partner up for a round of Murder Bunnies while the other partner performs American Hammers. Reverso.

Close out with flutter kicks.

YHC took us out.


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  1. Way to not alter your planned Q for the grumbling pax today Lockjaw. That sucked. Kudos to you for leading.

    Bernie Saunders sounds like a British version of the Bern.

  2. Way to rip the band-aid off early and get us on the ground Lockjaw. Icing on top was making us do the dips and derkins in the ditch. Way to have 6 pax out there this morning in challenging conditions.