Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bear Crawl and Tires


Nine men came to Satan’s Hill on an unseasonable warm Monday morning for a smorgasbord of unusual fitness activity. The New Market turnout was light, presumably because of the 5k the day before (though interestingly the PAX that ran the 5k showed up while the PAX that walked the 5k stayed home….hmmm).

SSH – an unspecified number, just enough to be annoying

‘Muricans, stretches, LBCs etc.

Bear crawl Indian run to the top of SH

‘Muricans and LBCs at the top partner assisted stretches

Regular Indian run back up the hill

‘Muricans and LBCs at the top partner assisted stretches

Mosey to the rockpile for a round of: Curls, military press, ‘muricans, flutter kicks, squats, rock copters, and hitting a tire with a sledge hammer while one member acts as a timer running to the mailbox

Cross the parking lot by having a PAX member toss the tire discus style and everyone bear crawls to the tire for 10 LBCs

One round robin of Indian arm wrestling where we all found out Kelly has extremely good balance

Back across the parking lot with the tire and bear crawl where we found out Parker should have joined the Olympics as a discus thrower, seriously his throw was at least 50% further than the next furthest throw

Sprints to finish up.

Number-ama – Name-o-rama prayers for the family of Lance Corporal Dennis Veater (USMC) who was killed in Iraq 15 years ago (YHC’s nephew).


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