Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not Cold Anymore


Seven men rose from the fart sack this morn. Six dressed in their summer attire and one ready for the extended winter. A fun time was had by all until the clock struck 5.30 and off we jaunted to see what paraphernalia could be found lurking around Huguenot High School.

Mosey around the bus loop with some butt kickers, high knees, karaoke (both ways) and Bernie Sanders. Circle up for warmarama that included SSH’s, Helis, Dead Man Hang, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, Carolina X’s, Freddy Mecuries and LBC’s. Abs looking fit for bikini season, short mosey to the bottom of the hill for a…..

Triple Check: Timer runs the loop, Balls to the Wall and Heals to Heaven for the stragglers. Plank for the 6. Quick mosey to the amphitheater. Along the way stop on the hill for Clockwork Merkins: 1 merkin at 1:00, 2 merkins at 2:00, 3 merkins at 3:00, looking at you Chap. Burning in the shoulders, lets continue on to the amphitheater for…….

11’s: Box Jumps to the top, 1 derkin, mosey back to the bottom, 10 dips. Continue on until numbers are flipped. Bad idea. Still burns. Collect the 6 and lets mosey the rear drive for……

Lindsay: 30 Carolina Dry Docks (lot of shoulder work today)/10 World War II’s (rock hard abs boys). At every intersection reduce dry docks by 5, increase WWII by 5. Find that grass as soon as possible. Collect everyone at Forest Hill Avenue for….

Light Poles along the Avenue: Flip between 2 burpee and 2 Lt. Dans at every pole along Forest Hill all the way back to the flag.

Perfect Timing as time was called upon YHC’s arrival.


YHC took us out

Thoughts and Prayers for DTH and his M as family friends are battling recent health scares. Good luck and a reminder to all to get checked. Chaplain is leading clockwork merkins at Twin Team on Friday. Monthly Convergence at Dogpile on Saturday.

NMS: YHC was not sure what to do as the Q snuck up on him this morning. Great to have some warm temps to get the Forge regulars out of the fart sack. Doozy showed up in his winter attire expecting a blizzard or to protect his delicate skin from the rising sun. 3/4 through the workout he was shedding layers. Clockwork Merkins should not be followed by Derkins. Plenty of shoulder work today. Thank you boys for joining me. This is a great group and one I enjoy seeing on the regular.


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