Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Do I even need layers


Three men of F3 were not about to miss out on a glorious 70 and Sunny morning at WDog. A brief mumble chatter of concern if Bodo’s had another “late night” church meeting. Did Hitchhiker start a new season of Ozark? Was that Shiplap who drove to the dog park? It’s 5:30 lets pass this potato.

FacePlant started the potato with some stretching, SSH, some more stretching, Merkins, and a bit more stretching. Let’s Mosey

Faceplant carries the Potato to a set of poles and instructs the PAX that it’s time for Pole Smokers. 11 Legs Lifts then run to the end. Pax hold 6 inches until your turn. Repeat until we get to the yellow rocks. Mosey to the Circle.

Step on the Crack and you break your mamas…. I’m not sure if that’s the name of the exercise or not. Grab the curb around the circle. Move clock wise around the circle and complete a Merkin at every crack on the curb. Mosey to the Penny Stage.

Triple Check – Partner 1 from the Penny Stage run around the Carillon. Partner 2, Coupon Chest Press. Partner 3, Coupon WWII. x3 Pass the Potato to Oyster.

Oyster – Mosey to street for another Triple Check. Partner 1, Bear Crawl to the curb and back. Partner 2, Curb Taps. Partner 3, Flutter Kicks. x3. Let’s Mosey.

Middle of the road for another Triple Check. Partner 1, runs down the hill and back. Partner2 runs up the hill and back. Partner3, American Hammers. x3 . Let’s Mosey back to the flag.

FICO takes the potato with 1 minute remaining and gets in a quick run around the parking lot to give us an even 2 miles.

These are the mornings we can get use to. 70 and Sunny as usual. Faceplant took us out. Thankful for the many blessings we can all be thankful for. Let’s take on the day!

HDHH at PBR in Mechanicsville tonight.
Everyone’s going to Dogpile on Saturday.
Nancy Lopez has his RVA Glow Run event on Sunday at New Market. See Slack for more details.
Mark your Calendars for June 4th. Convergence at the Bridge. 1 year anniversary


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  1. Sorry to miss today, I was on dog duty so pretty close to what you all were thinking! Looks like a beatdown!