Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spring Training


The Handshake timer went off at 0530 in the Heartbreak Ridge parking lot for 8 PAX for a beatdown that went something like this:

COP: SSHs, IWs, DQs, Merkins, Freddie Mercurys IC.

Mosey to the benches for 11s: Box Jumps and LBCs.

Mosey to the football field for Sally with Merkins.

Mosey to the baseball field for Paula Abdul Reverse Jack Webb: Advance two bases, 4 Reverse Crunches, go back one base, 1 WWII, Advance two bases, 8 Reverse Crunches, go back one base, 2 WWIIs, …, 40 Reverse Crunches, go back one base, 10 WWIIs. Modes of transportation going back included Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Bernie Sanders, Karaoke, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Lunges.

Mosey back to the football field for Burpee ROF, American Hammers IC, Merkin ROF.

Mosey up the hill for the COT.

Prayers for Ukraine, including Lighthouse’s family in Kyiv. Happy hour at PBR in Daville tomorrow (Wednesday). See Slack for details.

NMS: YHC is missing baseball. PAX required a clinic on taking a lead and running the bases as their natural inclination was a slow mosey around the bases. PAX are now ready to take home from third on a passed ball, or score from second on a single. Welcome to High Heels, downrange from Knoxville. He has visited over 50 AOs.

Hoedown PAX’s legs are still recovering from Pigskin’s Q yesterday, including YHC. There are signs of spring, including a brighter sky at the end of the beatdown, but Attila is still going nuclear with gloves.

It turns out the finance guy and the analytics guy aren’t good with numbers. Honeydo is working on the interest rate for the Reverse Crunches loan we took out at second base. Pinto demonstrated perfect form during the Merkin ROF – how did he and everyone do during Sally? YHC did not make it to the end. Maybe next time.


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  1. Was great to have High Heels join us from Knoxville. HBR always seem to be the draw for those posting downrange in RVA. Guess the word is out nationwide about this AO.
    If this was Little league then Flipper is our team sponsor, between the Box Jumps at the start and then plenty of WWIIs my back is killing me.