Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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It has been awhile since YHC has posted and Q’d No Toll…Being from north of the wall, tolls were paid and rolled into a gang of 14 F3 brothers ready for a Tuesday bootcamp and here is what went down:


We mosey from the flag to the Tower Paved lot and circle up for 20 SSH, 10 DQ’s 20 Helicopters, 15 armcircles, 10 small and 5 big, Reverso, 15 Ukrainian* Soldiers, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 – 4ct American Hammers, 20 LBCs, 20 Flutter kicks, 10 Reverse scorpions, 10 scorpions and 20 merkins. We mosey to the soccer fields and YHC sets up glow sticks for the first event.


YHC drops the glow sticks at the 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard mark for a Red Barchetta. So as a group we run to the 100 yard glow stick, 100 SSH, back to start and plank for 6. Run to 75 Yard mark for 75 LBC’s and back to start and plank for 6, Run to 50 yard mark for 50 squats and back to start and plank for 6, run to 25 yard mark for 25 merkins and back to start and plank for 6, then run 10 yards for 10 burpees and back to start and plank for 6.

Next we divide into groups of 3 for a triple check as 15 total was perfect. Partner 1 is the timer running to the other side of the field and back, P2 – performed alternating lunges and P3 – performed dips on the bleachers. We did this 3 times.

Next we had the Bearmuda Triangle as YHC re-arranged the glow sticks into a triangle with the corners about 20 yards apart. First rotation, bearcawl to next corner, 1 merkin, 2nd corner 2 merkins and 3rd corner 3merkins. Next we lunge to first corner 1 squat, lunge to second corner 2 squats, lunge to 3rd corner 3 squats.(This rotation was a breather set for recovery…to really push this the triangle should be 3 sets of bear crawls) And the last rotation, bear crawl to first corner, 1 merkin, bear crawl to 2nd corner 2 merkins and bear crawl to 3rd corner for 3 merkins.

We divide into different groups of 3 and perform another triple check, partner 1 ran from starting point to the soccer goal on the south, then to the soccer goal to the north and return to start as the timer. Each group had dealer’s choice for the 2nd and 3rd exercises to work on an exercise of their choice. We wrapped this up and moseyed to the flag.

Numberama, Namerama we discussed announcements, prayer requests and determined an FNG’s Chad (Doozy’s recruit) name and with this bunch it was all over the board! Chad wore a UK shirt so started with Louisville, Rick Patinio…tounges came out with multiple languages(Portuguese and Spanish)…crazy cat lady…guys we want Chad to come back…so we settled on Juanita! So welcome Chad you are now Juanita in F3. Mumblechatter was fierce this morning!

We close up into a manball and Tryhard took us out in prayer!


We have some announcements – Tomorrow is a Hump Day Happy Hour at PBR on 301 in Mechanicsville. Easy directions as it is the 4th stop light north past 295 take a left and PBR is on your right in a strip mall. Great beer and food here and we hope to see you there.

There is a convergence in Dogpile this weekend as we ask for the groups in DaPile and Rock and Roll to meet at DogPile for the 1st weekend of each month.

Finally, I Q’d No Toll when Neil Peart (drummer from Rush) passed away in January 2020, I would argue that he was the best drummer ever and quite the writer of most of their lyrics.

Keep crushing it gents as it is always an honor to lead! Cheers…CB!


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I grew up in Roanoke, Va. Class of 1985 Cave Spring High, class of 1989 VMI Civil Engineering. Worked for Turner Construction in Jacksonville, Miami and Cincinnati, Moved to Richmond, Licensed Class A contractor, and work for Westminster Canterbury Richmond managing their major expansion for the next 4 years. I am married to a Librarian Betsy (UVA grad) and proud father of two awesome teenagers George (aka Hash-F3) and Lucy.

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  1. You’re the definition of a HIM Corned Beef. Appreciate your leadership, the Q, and for making the trek all the way to SOJ to show your southside brothers some love. Lotta respect for you