Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

6 Years … Sorta


11 gentlemen of the night emerged in the gloom for a beat down at 45MOM. Here is what transpired:

COP: Dead man hang // Helicopters // DQs // Imperial Walkers // Ukranian Soldiers // LBCs// APDs // Crabcakes // Inverted Crab Cakes // Merkins // Elbow plank // Pickle Pounders // 21s. Mosey to tree line

Chutes and Ladders: Run 2 trees, bernie back 1. Drop and perform 5 merkins. Round 2: Same running pattern, 5 LBCs at each tree. Round 3: 5 squats at each tree. Round 4: 3 Burpees at each tree. Mosey to corner of school

Triple Check: P1: Jerkins / Dips / DKs // P2: WW2s // P3: Run to bars, 3 pull ups, run back.

COP to close out with American Hammers and Hand release merkins

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out. Prayers for peace and Ukraine, Josh (Faceplant’s cousin), and Shakedown’s back.

NMS: 6 years ago this week YHC came out to F3 and was christened Bodos. It was nearly a year before I showed up again, and several months again until I became a regular. I am truly grateful for this group and the consistency, energy and friendship it has brought into my life. Thank you gentlemen !


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