Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sniper in the trees


A lighter than average number of First Watchers gathered for a Lockjaw Q and this is what transpired

COP – Various exercises ending with a Burpee Ring of Fire starting (and ending) with Kubota.

Lockjaw flips the Q to Handshake and we were off. Mosey to the bottom of South Ridge

Army Training. The Pax starts at their stomach and they pop up “i’m up” run a few steps “they see me” and they drop to their stomachs “i’m down” then they roll left, complete 5 Merkins and then pop up “i’m up” run a few steps “they see me” and then drop to their stomachs “i’m down” then roll right, complete 5 WWII’s. Repeat for a 1/4 mile and stop at the intersection of Overlook.

Mosey to the top of Overlook for a Triple Check with P1 Running, P2 Squats, P3 LBC’s

Mosey back to S. Ridge and Overlook and Bernie up to the next road and complete 20 HRM’s. Mosey again to next road and complete 30 WWII’s. Mosey back up to the top of S Ridge and do one last exercise that YHC forgot.

Mosey to parking lot for 1 minutes of Mary.

Announcements – The Bridge workout in Cumberland on Saturday, see Slack. I think i’m missing something…

Prayer Requests – Kubota took a new role without James River Equipment. He’s moving to a full time Sales position at the Ashland Air Park location. Prayers (and congratulations) for this new venture for Kubota.

Moleskin – great time today. YHC appreciates the PAX being tolerant of a new (and random) workout. Thanks as well for the kindness on YHC’s birthday.


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  1. Was hoping the BB title would be about Hot Tubs. I’ve got a script in the works for Hot Tub Time Machine 3, although this one would be a horror movie about a flesh eating virus, thanks Ronnie!