Wednesday, December 1
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s a Backblast


After being out of the loop recently, YHC signed up for the Q to jump start things. After posting I then realized that comes with writing a backblast , minor changes to WordPress or how my computer treats it were ironed out and here we go.

With my name on the Q sheet the PAX did not know what to expect but with some renewed Q-drenaline going we were able to knock out some miles on the track.

Mosey down to the lower parking lot to try to get out of the wind, no such luck, with a warmup featuring random counts of the favorite hits.

All track work starting with Catch Me if you Can – Partner up – 1 pax runs backwards, the other does 3 burpees and runs to catch up. 1 full lap – that got the blood flowing, I venture to say that is not a Marmaduke favorite anymore.

Dirty MacDeuce – 12 4-count reps of Tempo merkins, Freddie Mercuries, Squats – run a lap, repeato with HRM, Flutters, Lunges, then again with Merkins, APD, Jump Squats

Mega-Beast – Beast on the track with stops at 100/200/300m for 6 reps each, keep going to the start then reverso – 2 rounds with merkins and squats. – next time we break this one out we can concentrate on only doing that to get the full six rounds

Mosey on back to the VSF for some Mary, including Crunchy Frogs, which may or may not have been on hiatus along with me.

Great to be back out and taking the Q. Thanks to those that posted for putting up with me and my desire to run in circles today. A little worried that my cadence would be off but it was just like riding a bike (which coincidentally is what I have been doing a lot of). Good to see the New Market crew out and hear they have been building a strong nano-region in SW Chesterfield.

Have a great day.


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