Wednesday, December 1
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

These guys are brutal


8 of F3’s finest men gathered to celebrate a guest Q. Little did they know while one Keydet was down for the count from a Geri Covid Booster that the a younger Keydet had done a back end deal and grabbed the Q. This is what transpired:

Round 1 – Mailbox Challenge – various exercises at mailboxes: Merkins on the Left and WWII’s on the right from S Ridge to River and then opposite on the way back.

Mosey from Ridge down to the bottom of the hill doing various exercises at political yard signs (opposite exercises at opposing candidates). Little did we know there was only one parties signs…

Bottom of the hill partner up. P1 does a set of exercises while P2 runs down the road and back. 2-3 rounds.

Our Crescendo up the hill was another partner exercise, P1 does something the P2 Bernies up the hill. We stopped at Overlook for another exercise.

Indigenous Peoples Run up the hill to finish.

Announcements: Hump-Free Happy Hour tomorrow (Thursday) at Westcreek Hardywood at 1730 hours until whenever…

Prayer Requests: one of Last Calls Subcontractors is on a ventilator with Covid, he’s 42 years old. The same contractor last a employee last week to Covid who was 26. Prayers for these individuals and their family/friends/co-workers

NMS: pretty quiet day without Upchuck being there, no semantics were argued. It was nice to explore some of the AO we hadn’t seen for a while.


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