Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wilson, I Lay This Hate on You


12 or 13 regulars attended a choose your path workout at SOT. Four went running, the rest took off into the gloom. Here’s what transpired over the following 45-50 minutes.

Mosey to lower soccer/football field, line up on the end line.

Bursts/Charlotte 100s workout, courteous of Mr. Lug Nut.

Warmup – Don Q, SSH, Heels. in between each exercise, jog to the other end of field (100 yds) and return.

5 minutes of 100 yd dashes back and forth.

Partner up – catch me if you can. Partner 1 does 2 burpees and catch, partner 2 backwards run across field. Switch and repeat back 100 yds. Second round: partner 1 – 2 merkins and catch, partner 1 run 100 yds. Switch and repeat.

4 minutes of 100 yd dashes or perhaps it was 100 yd dashes at 50%, 75% and 100%. YHC forgets.

Burst Beast – no stopping at hashes, simply run 100 yds across field and perform all 18 reps at the other end, return to start and complete other 18 reps. PAX called exercises – merkins, American Hammers, dry docks, BURPEES.

Audible from Burst Beast to final 4 minutes of 100 yd dashes OYO.

Power walk Indian Run back to start.

YHC thanks all for participating in this ancient SOT Lug Nut workout that hadn’t surfaced in 4 or 5 years. A few PAX members were in attendance for both. The story goes Charlotte completed 75 100-yd dashes in the 45 minutes. Doozy probably did somewhere between 50 I’d estimate, though we did break up the monotony with a few other exercises, more than Lug did if I recall correctly. Although there were a lot of groans from the PAX as YHC rolled out the details, everyone appeared to be getting after it and put in a great effort.

Clarification for the title, which is a song lyric, burpees may very well have not made an appearance in this particular modified beast. But that will never be known as Wilson took the reins and called it out to much distaste from others in hopes to get it out of the way. YHC wanted to make it known both on and off the field that Wilson made the call, so the love (or hate) was properly given in his general direction.

Didn’t see the runners but hopefully they returned safely. Dogs and kids.



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  1. Great Q, just the way I like them lot of moving

    You can’t forget Rosetta and Gypsy wasn’t there.

    It must have only been 12 total because we had even numbers when we partnered up and 4 went running.

  2. You say they might have not shown up……….you are just lying to yourself. You were gonna call them. I just got them out before the last round. Trust me, i seriously considered Doner Kebob’s arm circle recommendation. But I chose the hard way. Consider it a SOT CSAUP! Great Q and thanks for bringing it back. Brutal when Lug did it and brutal today. Great to see everyone today. Have a good finish to the day fellas.

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