Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Triple Potato


Nine of this region’s finest gathered under the waning crescent for an impromptu hot potato. Very little mumblechatter pre-launch, so we just stared at each other. EF Hutton had enough and said, “time to go”. Mosey to the newly sectioned off black top for a Hutton led COP.

COP (EF Hutton)
12x Copperhead Squats
10x Imperial Walkers
10x Helicopters
10x HRMs
20x Suzanne Somers
10x Something or others
20x Suzanne Somers
10x Mountain Climbers

Prostitute (EF Hutton)
5x Burpees, 20x Merkins, 20x Jump Squats, 20x WWIIs, 20x Mountain Climbers. Work around the 4 corners repeating said exercises a number of times.

Triple Check (Handshake)
Mosey up to the field for people’s chair, WWIIs, run across the field for 5 pull ups.

Triple Check (Splinter)
Mosey to the parking lot for jump squats, plank, bernie sanders across the parking lot and up the hill to the fence for 10 derkins then run back.

Ring of Fire (Duck-duck-goose style) with 10x dealer’s choice followed by a lap around the ring. Thanks for the audible Pigskin! Finish off with a minute and a half of american hammers.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.

Quiet bunch for Hoedown today. Maybe it was all the counting, or just recovery from the weekend. YHC detected 3 or 4 different language counts by Pigskin today. Regardless, great to get out with the gang and to push each other this AM. Sorry to hear Upchuck is battling his knee. Get well soon brother!

HDHH next Wednesday at Honeydo’s
Field Day 9/18
Retreat 9/25

¡Adiós muchachos!



  1. Holy smokes. I miss one Hoedown and Splinter Qs. Bummed. I have instructed my knee to heal (get it? Heal?) faster.

    Pigskin has been known to do Spanish and German…what else has he started?

  2. Well done this morning. Lots of merkins and jump squats. Speaking of pigskin he will be doing his first Richmond area q at gridiron this Saturday. Uno dos tres quatro!

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