Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



The humidity was high and so were the numbers at this hill repeat post Father’s Day beatdown. The Pax brought it today as we got out of the fartsack to embrace a Roger Roger Q. This beatdown started with a nice slow mosey down Lindsay Ct for some Warmarama:

25 X side straddle hops

10 x dead man hang

10 x Don Q

10 x Merkins

25 x LBCs

10 x 2 leg circles 

Gomer Pyle gave a good laugh as I stumbled through my cadence on those Merkins. Roger Roger is still working on that cadence.


Mosey across the creek to a humid park like setting for COP # 1:

Apple Turnover with a Twist: 

Normally done on a football field we used the park perfectly placed in the neighborhood to Bear Crawl 25% distance with 25 merkins 

Crab Walk 50% distance 50 WW2s

Bear Crawl 75% distance 75 LBCs

Crab Walk 100% distance 100 Squats

The mumble chatter continued as we were all just about warmed up by now!


Mosey back across the creek to the circle on Lindsay Ct for COP #2:

Notice the name HoE-LLIHH 11s

Did he really say 11s on the Hill. YHC called for one of the longest 11s seen in F3RVA. As the mumble chatter slowed to a minimum. Some were mentioning it was the longest 11 they had ever done.Today was a brutal beatdown encompassing 3.5 miles of running and 11s on hill repeat.

1 Merkin run to the top of the Lindsay up hill 10 plank jacks 

2 then 9 

Until 2 minutes left.

Mosey back to the flag!

Thanks for the Q gents and hanging in there with me to allow me the pleasure after a great Father’s Day! 


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