Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunny Gridiron – What gives?


12 merry Pax, mostly comprised of regulars and a couple irregulars descended upon a surprisingly sunny Q from Fireman Ed. Today Ed “borrowed” several coupons from the fashionable near West End to help with the beatdown. Fireman Ed was unsure what to do with no rain falling during his Q.

COP: DQs, CPs, FMs (with White Deer doing a side to side roll motion), merkins and arm circles. Take a coupon and mosey to mud field.

Elevens with HRMs and bench kicks. Mosey to front of school.

Triple check with donkey kicks, coupon swings, run around loop; balls to the wall, coupon chest presses, run and chicken peckers, coupon curls and run. Mosey to nearest parking lot.

4 corners with 10 burpees, 20 coupon squats, 30 2 count mountain climbers, and 40 2 count flutters while holding up coupon. Mosey to bus loop.

1 burpee per post to 10 burpees, 10 LBCs, polar bear back. Then the burpee per post, 20 LBCs, lunge back. Long mosey to return coupons.

Go to nearby pavilion. 10 step ups on each foot, 10 WWIIs; repeat with 20 each and then 30 each. We are done!

Closed in prayer. Pray for EF Hutton who had bad burns from a grease fire this week. He will have a long recovery time. The PAX are with you!

Tomato run on 4/24 – see Spit for details. Blood drive 5/1 and still looking for BRR runners for early September (those that have participated really enjoyed it). I personally wish it were later in September but maybe I am being weak like the 2020 Jets!

It was good meeting Homer; feel free to join the semi elderly PAX again.


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