Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tres Amigos


Three typical suspects arrived, close enough to the start time and commenced.

Mosey to school – warm up: SSH, Don Q, Squats, Russian Soldier, Hand release merkins, Freddie mercury

Mosey to far parking lot loop – infinity loops (figure 8 between two parking lot loops) with increasing merkins beginning with 1 per loop, increasing by 1 up to 21.

Blimp – 5 burpee broad jumps, 10 lunges, 15 imperial squat walker, 20 polar bear -across another bus loop.

triple check – peoples chair,reverse crunch, run around bus loop

Blimp – repeat above across to other bus loop.

triple check – backwards run bus loop, SSH, WWII situps

Sprint to flag – 2 minutes of Mary.

Numbers greatly reduced from previous weeks, perhaps it’s the cold, perhaps it’s the raging pandemic. YHC had another workout in mind, but kept it on the shelf due to the low numbers and just winged it. Still, maintaining social distancing was to be observed and preserved.

Fresh Prince relayed his morning routine per YHC’s request, he’s nothing short of consistent with his arrival time 2 minutes beyond 5:30.

Doozy is selling squares for the Superbowl to help raise money for hid kid’s Cooperstown baseball trip this summer. Let’s support the man.



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